List of current deployments of Rubicon smart contracts

Optimism Mainnet

Please see below for a list of Rubicon deployments on Optimism Mainnet. Please note, we utilize the transparent upgradeable proxy standard to remain nimble and iterative; the contract addresses of all of our deployments as well as their current implementations are found below.
Please note you can find the location of all BathPair contracts by calling getBathPair on BathHouse.

Optimism Kovan

Below is a list of active smart contracts on the Optimism Kovan test network where none of the assets are real. The contracts below follow the proxy pattern described above in the mainnet section. We use Kovan across chains as a staging area for production deployments.


USDC: 0x4bec326fe1BeF34c4858A1De3906c7F52a95A682 DAI: 0x83DB01411E8c5b0bcaa0850E7fd90bDF7E180205 USDT: 0x59C4c66275E0Af76A81ac149b3aBc0d4BEE10672 ETH: 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000006 WBTC: 0xd7183DBD7562D0CFe6cA7685eC67eA4c055dE0D7 RPL: 0xf897B92261BD23E28124556DaDEa3F2281d6bf8a SNX: 0xB3614012E72CF88fA606650A701370e42f58f567 UNI: 0xf2592d37c383Ad3Ecf998C0D17Cfc9A12384b401 LINK: 0xBFcE899d931E1e193D236ab525D24AFEB9e0ae62 OHM: 0x4400232C65bab8265eb1025dDd85BF88573E8b54
Please note all of the above except for native ETH are test ERC-20 tokens with an external faucet function to get free test tokens.


BathHouse: 0x235aCb07E3CD3b7eC443257De331198c0301F44A - Logic bathUSDC: 0x5BE0ba4d0dF55Dd5CE6A805983Ca79622926b5B6 - Logic bathDAI: 0xe13eFeA14c0941c230C824EDfde5A03fb1F0a827 - '' bathUSDT: 0xD9619882d9dB19AC83A237E3F8B411e3cf1E0716 - '' bathETH: 0x5790AedddfB25663f7dd58261De8E96274A82BAd - '' bathWBTC: 0xE50C690A90fCF570fd1314d9310522BC11505A83 - '' bathRPL: 0x2704D2847d5E278B58DA898c3f3D406d704A55d6 - '' bathSNX: 0x02A0ff3179a7E1f09D93c6C1df22520248128dbd - '' bathUNI: 0xddB9f3DCD2465e7E755ED33455DD562DD555F875 - '' bathLINK: 0x5aa29Af7b7a403E00a3F02FA54218B56134b187f - '' bathOHM: 0x3495b1248253eC9289C560C5d3EB3c7191637236 - ''
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