💻 Subgraphs

The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains, allowing easy access to data that can be difficult to query directly. Rubicon subgraphs are on The Graph's hosted service.

Subgraphs store and organize data (swaps, trades, deposits, etc.) from the protocol. You can access Rubicon data through a standard GraphQL API.

Key Subgraphs

The Rubicon protocol has two main subgraphs:

  • ****RubiconMarket: Tracks trading activity (maker/taker trades) on the Rubicon order books, used to query market data and historical token prices
  • BathToken Subgraph: Tracks activity (deposits/withdrawals/yield) on the Rubicon liquidity pools, used to query pool metrics and historical performance


Our team maintains these subgraphs for each protocol deployment. You can find active deployments below:


Optimism-Kovan (Testnet)

Ask questions about the Rubicon subgraphs in our Discord.