Bridging to Optimism

Bridging to Optimism

To start trading or providing liquidity on Rubicon, you need ETH on Optimism (opens in a new tab).

Use the Bridge in the Rubicon App (opens in a new tab) to find the best bridging route!

Bridge Guide

This guide shows you how to bridge tokens to Optimism from another chain. Our example converts USDC on Polygon to ETH on Optimism:

  1. Connect to the Rubicon App and select Bridge from the sidebar:

  2. Select which chain you are transferring from and to. In this example, we are transferring from Polygon to Optimism:

  3. Select which token(s) you want to send and receive, they do not have to be the same! Here we are transferring USDC on Polygon for ETH on Optimism:

  4. After selecting the number of tokens you want to transfer, you will be prompted to switch to the "Transfer from" chain in your wallet (if you did not already):

  5. The Bridge finds the best route that gets you the most tokens on the destination chain. You can also choose a route with a lower fee. In this example, the Hyphen bridge gets us the most ETH on Optimism and has low fees:

  6. You will need to Approve the Socket Registry contract. Select Approve and confirm the approval transaction in your wallet:

  7. Once approved, you are ready to bridge! Select Bridge and confirm the transaction in your wallet:

  8. The tokens are on the way! It can take around 10 minutes for the tokens to appear in your wallet on the destination chain. In the meantime, you can explore the rest of the Rubicon App

For support with a bridge transaction, visit Socket's Knowledge Base (opens in a new tab) for answers to FAQ and help with troubleshooting.