An ERC-20 token that represents user liquidity in Rubicon Pools
The Bath Token contract represents a single asset pool of liquidity within Rubicon Pools. These pools are named by adding the prefix "bath" to the name of the underlying token (e.g. bathUSDC).
When a liquidity provider (LP) deposits tokens into a Rubicon pool, they receive a corresponding amount of bathTokens. Ex: an LP depositing USDC will receive bathUSDC.
BathTokens are essentially a share of the underlying pool.
LPs earn market-making yields while strategists use pool assets to provide liquidity on the Rubicon order books.

Key Functions

  • deposit - this function allows a user to deposit an ERC-20 asset and receive bathTokens at a ratio of totalSupply / underlyingBalance() with their deposit. This means that a user will receive shares in the pool that are proportional to the performance of shares in the pool already; this ensures there is no way to game the system and upside is correctly shared across all participants. A bathToken represents a share of the underlying liquidity and has a claim on future yield.
    • Input Parameter: uint amount - the quantity of the ERC-20 asset to deposit.
  • withdraw - this function withdraws provided liquidity and any accrued yield that the user has (via the burning of BathTokens) earned back to their wallet.
    • Input Parameter: uint shares - the quantity of bathTokens (shares in the underlying pool) to withdraw in exchange for the underlying ERC-20 asset.
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