Bath House
The admin contract for Rubicon Pools
The BathHouse contract acts as the admin for the Rubicon Pools system while providing key, high-level functions to the system. The most important functions of the BathHouse are to initialize new BathPairs, approve strategies, and manage liquidity pool organization and routing.

Key Functions

  • initBathPair- this function initializes a BathPair. In practice, this allows new liquidity pools to be formed across a new pair of Rubicon while integrating said pair with an existing quote liquidity pool (e.g. bathUSDC) if it does not already exist.
  • getBathPair - a getter function to allow the caller to easily determine the BathPair address for a given combination of (address asset, address quote).
  • Strategy Management
    • This contract manages which "strategies" are supported by Rubicon Pools. Presently, the only strategy permitted in v0 is the PairsTrade - in which a strategist makes a single pairs trade per function call.
    • isApprovedStrat - function to verify if a given caller or address is an approved strategy.
    • approveStrategy - admin function to add a new strategy to Rubicon Pools.
  • Parameter Management
    • This contract controls a few system-level parameters which are relevant to strategists and LPs alike.
    • setCancelTimeDelay- this function sets the timeDelay on BathPair.sol after which unfilled orders are canceled in the order books.
    • setMaxOutstandingPairCount - this function sets the maxOutstandingPairCount value for a given BathPair. This value defines how many orders can be outstanding in the order book for a given trading pair.
  • onlyAdmin - the BathHouse is presently run by the Rubicon team and has the ability to be administered by any address including, for example, a DAO multi-sig.
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