Frequently asked questions about Rubicon

What is Rubicon?

Rubicon is an order book protocol for Ethereum. Use it to swap tokens, trade with limit and market orders, and provide liquidity in Rubicon Pools. Try it today using the app!

How do I use Rubicon?

All you need is an Ethereum wallet and some ETH to cover network fees (gas). If you have both of those, visit our guide for connecting your wallet to the Rubicon app.
If you have a wallet but do not have ETH, you can purchase some directly to your wallet in the Rubicon app. Keep in mind you will always need some ETH to cover your network fees.
Need a wallet? Use this tool to find the perfect one for you!

What chains/networks is Rubicon on?

Rubicon is built on layer 2 (L2) networks to give traders cheap transactions (<$1) with near-instant confirmations.
Rubicon v1 markets are currently live on Optimism. We will continue to launch on the leading Ethereum L2s throughout 2022.

What are Rubicon Pools?

Rubicon Pools are the native liquidity pools for the Rubicon order books. Liquidity providers (LPs) can deposit tokens into a pool, and in exchange they receive bathTokens. (Ex. If an LP deposits ETH, they will receive bathETH)
Assets in the pools are used by active liquidity managers (strategists) to make markets on the order books. Yield from market-making goes to LPs (bathToken holders) and strategists earn a performance fee.
You can view your bathTokens holdings (your Pools LP positions) under Portfolio on the app.

What tokens are available for trading on Rubicon?

Rubicon v1 is permissionless, so it supports the trading of any ERC20 token!
To add support for a new token, you can create a liquidity pool for it and determine its first trading pair. For now, you have to interact directly with the BathHouse contract, but a UI for pool creation is coming soon.

What are the fees on Rubicon?

All transactions on Rubicon require a network fee. On Optimism, the network fee for all Rubicon transactions is usually less than $1 (paid in ETH).
Rubicon has a 0.2% fee on taker trades (market orders or any trade that β€˜takes’ liquidity off of the order book). Maker trades have no fees apart from gas.

Where can I get support?

For live support join our Discord server and ask questions in the #support channel. Our team will never message you first or ask for your seed phrase!

How do I move my tokens to Rubicon?

To start trading, you will need ETH on the Optimism network.
You can bridge tokens to the Optimism network using the Bridge in the Rubicon app. You can also read our bridging guide.
You can also buy crypto directly to your wallet on either of these networks by clicking β€˜Buy Crypto’ in the app.

Who is on the team?

Does Rubicon have a token?

Rubicon does not currently have a token, we are focused on building and finding product-market fit. Any announcements will come from the Rubicon team on our official channels.