Bridging tokens to Optimism
Have some crypto but it's not on Optimistic Ethereum? Here's a quick guide to bridging assets onto Optimism's layer 2 network!

How do I get my tokens onto Optimism? πŸŒ‰

​Optimism (and other scaling solutions) are separate networks from Ethereum Mainnet. If you already have tokens on Ethereum, you will need to use a bridge to send them to the Optimistic Ethereum network to use Rubicon. There are two primary types of bridges:
Most new networks have their own Native Token Bridge. For Optimistic Ethereum, this is the Optimism Gateway. It takes about ~15 minutes to send tokens from L1 -> L2 using this bridge, but you only pay for the gas costs (no additional fees). The downside of this bridge comes from the withdrawal delay, the fraud proofs system that secures Optimistic Ethereum requires withdrawals from L2 -> L1 to have a one-week delay.
There are also General Token Bridges, like and the Celer cBridge that enable you to easily send tokens between different networks. General Token Bridges work with many networks and are faster than Native Bridges, but they charge a fee for their services. For instance, you can send USDC from Polygon to Optimism in just a few minutes. With General Token Bridges, you can skip the one-week withdrawal delay for a small fee!

Using the Optimism Gateway Bridge

For this tutorial, we will use Optimism Gateway, a bridge for moving tokens between Ethereum and Optimistic Ethereum (OΞ) that was built by the Optimism team. Please note: For this tutorial, we are bridging from the Kovan test network to Optimistic Kovan, the steps are exactly the same for bridging from Ethereum ---> Optimistic Ethereum! 1. Start by going to the Optimism Gateway site, you can also get there by clicking "Bridge" in the Rubicon app. 2. Choose your wallet and connect it to the Gateway.
Current wallet options on Optimism Gateway
3. Once your wallet is connected, choose which asset* you want to deposit to Optimistic Ethereum from the drop-down menu and enter the amount you want to bridge over. *Currently, the list of assets that can be bridged is controlled by the Optimism team as a security measure. They will continue adding new assets as the network matures.
Enter the exact amount you want to bridge to L2
4. Once you click "Deposit", you will need to approve the deposit in your wallet. Please note that the deposit might be a slightly expensive transaction and will take a few minutes to finalize. The bright side is this can be your last slow and expensive Ethereum transaction for a while, on L2 transactions are much cheaper and are confirmed almost instantly!
Deposits take a few minutes to finalize
Confirm the deposit in your wallet
5. After you confirm the transaction in your wallet, your tokens are on their way to layer 2! Your deposit will take about ~15 minutes to finalize; this is the perfect time to join the Rubicon Discord community and say hello!
Confirmation is closer to 20 minutes for Optimism Mainnet
6. Once your layer 2 deposit is finalized you will see this confirmation screen with links to your deposit on Etherscan and Optimistic Etherscan. Your funds should now be in your wallet on the Optimism Mainnet network and you are ready to use Rubicon! Welcome to layer 2 😎
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