Connecting Your Wallet

Connect your wallet to Rubicon ⛓️

Guides for connecting Mobile wallets and Desktop/Browser wallets to the Rubicon App.

(If you need to bridge ETH or other tokens to Optimism (opens in a new tab), check out our Bridge guide)

Mobile/Smartphone wallet

This guide uses the MetaMask mobile app (opens in a new tab), which is available on Android and iOS. Before connecting your wallet to Rubicon, you need to add the Optimism (opens in a new tab) to your MetaMask:

  1. Open MetaMask and tap on the Menu icon in the top left

  2. Tap Settings in the menu

  3. In the Settings menu, select Networks to add a custom network

  4. Tap on the Add Network button at the bottom of the screen

  5. The page will ask you for the details of the New RPC Network. To add the Optimism network, type in these network details:

    Network Name: Optimism

    RPC Url: (opens in a new tab)

    Chain ID: 10

    Symbol: ETH

    Block Explorer URL: (opens in a new tab)

  6. Once you have added the Optimism network, you can exit Settings and tap on the Menu icon. Then, tap on the Browser button

  7. Type in "" into the search field and hit go to start the search. Make sure the URL is! (You can bookmark it by tapping on the 3 dots icon in the bottom left and tapping Add to Favorites.)

  8. **** The Rubicon app will ask you to connect your wallet. Tap on the MetaMask button

  9. Your wallet will ask you to connect to the Rubicon app. Tap Connect to connect your wallet to Rubicon

    You are connected to Rubicon and ready to trade! Remember that you must be connected to the Optimism network to connect to the app. You can switch between networks by tapping the 3 dots icon in the bottom left and selecting Switch Network. Scroll to the bottom of the Networks page to see the newly added Optimism network.

Desktop/Web Browser wallet

This guide will use the MetaMask browser extension (opens in a new tab) wallet:

Here is the MetaMask home screen, note that the wallet is connected to "Ethereum Mainnet". If you have used Ethereum applications before, this should look normal! This is the main Ethereum blockchain we all know and love.

Let's start by connecting our wallet to Rubicon. When you first launch the Rubicon app, you will see this welcome screen:

Once we click on the MetaMask button, the Rubicon app will ask for permission to connect to your wallet. Here is the flow to connect your MetaMask to Rubicon:\

Allow Rubicon to connect to your wallet

You are connected and ready to go!

Great, your wallet is connected to Rubicon! There is only one step left before we can start using Rubicon; we will have to switch networks.

Rubicon is built on layer 2 (L2): Ethereum scaling solutions that take transaction execution off of Ethereum Mainnet (layer 1) onto a second layer (L2). These solutions significantly reduce transaction costs and increase transaction throughput while still inheriting Ethereum's security. To learn more about layer 2, check out the Ethereum Foundation's page (opens in a new tab) on the topic.

Rubicon is built on Optimism (opens in a new tab). Once you are connected to the Rubicon app, you will be prompted to add the Optimism network to your wallet:

Approve the new network in MetaMask

Once you approve the Optimism network, you are connected and ready to use Rubicon! If you need to bridge your tokens to the Optimism network, check out our bridging guide.

Now that your wallet is connected, check out the next guide on placing a trade on Rubicon.

If you need support, join the Rubicon Discord (opens in a new tab) and reach out in the #support channel.