Rubicon v4
Gladius API

💻 Gladius API

The Gladius API is interacted with through this REST endpoint: https://gladius.rubicon.finance.

For a preliminary overview of how this is done, check out our Beta documentation (opens in a new tab). More to come here.

For submitting, parsing, and querying orders it is recommended to use the Gladius SDK and GladiusOrder order type.


GET Open Orders (All networks)https://gladius.rubicon.finance/dutch-auction/orders?orderStatus=open
GET Open Orders (Specific Pair [Directional], Order Status, and Network)https://gladius.rubicon.finance/dutch-auction/orders?chainId=${chainId}&orderStatus=open&buyToken=${quote.address}&sellToken=${token.address}
GET Filled Ordershttps://gladius.rubicon.finance/dutch-auction/orders?orderStatus=filled&chainId=${chainId}
POST New Order (GladiusOrder)https://gladius.rubicon.finance/dutch-auction/order