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Min Order Sizes

Minimum Order Sizes

To prevent "dust" offers, RubiconMarket.sol enforces minimum order sizes on some ERC-20 tokens.

Order Minimums Table

TokenMinimum Order SizesMinimum Order Size (uint256)
WETH0.0022 ETH2200000000000000
WBTC0.00015 WBTC15000
USDC5 USDC5000000
USDT5 USDT5000000
DAI5 DAI5000000000000000000
OP3 OP3000000000000000000
ARB4 ARB4000000000000000000

Querying Minimum Order Sizes

Use this view function to retrieve the minimum order size for a given token.

    function getMinSell(
        ERC20 pay_gem
    ) external view returns (uint256)

Returns the minimum order size for the given ERC-20 token.